• Personal Sweat Fistband

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SweatSwat, The Tango

Keeping Your Vision Clear of Sweat

Anti-Odor Nanotechnology

The SweatSwat fistband, infused with our Eco-Friendly & Skin Safe Anti-Odor Nanotechnology Oxidizing Surface Protectant, prevents the growth of microbial germs, helping it keep clean and odor free during and after each use.

Sweat Management

Sweat Management Products

"I found myself quickly wiping my forehead without breaking my cadence, and didn't have ANY ISSUES with sweat dripping into my eyes. Game-changer for me. I highly recommend."

Oliver M.

"Its functional simplicity is what makes it so fantastic and effective. I primarily use it during long of hours on the range, as I am on a Tactical Response Team, and on runs and workouts."

Brian A.